Press Reviews

“…Ania Paz, pianist and jazzist, is the leader of one of the most popular Jazz groups in the Dominican Republic….It is impressive to see how this beautiful lady performs at the piano, and to enjoy the depth of her interpretation in complicated musical tunes…drawing the interest of audiences and huge crowds that attend every one of her performances….”

Freddy Bautista, TEVE, Showbusiness Magazine, Puerto Rico

“An abundance of joy! That freeing happiness is what you feel when you listen to one of Ania Paz´ composition. Sitting at the piano, she plays every melody with emotion…She uses every second…to create and imagine mixtures of sounds. Everything with one goal: sharing, giving to others what she likes the most…You have to listen to Ania Paz, since she expresses a universal joy that is understood in any language.”

Nathalie Almonte, En Sociedad Magazine, Hoy Newspaper, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

“Pianist and keyboardist Ania Paz is carrying on the Caribbean tradition of producing pulsating rhythms and superb playing on her recent release. She has been enthralling audiences for many years…and this mainly self composed set will add to her growing reputation as one of the country´ s leading jazz musicians.”

Wes Gillespie, EuroClubdeJazz

“Her music reflects the fusion between the old and the modern. A mixture of freedom and wisdom, of ecstasy and serenity.” 

José Arias Almanzar, Hoy newspaper, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

“Extraordinary composer, virtuoso pianist, comes back with great force, and with a spectacular Caribbean flavor, with an excellent classical music and Afro-Cuban Jazz basis.”

Mabela Martínez, Sonidos y Sabores del Mundo Television Show, Lima, Peru

“Behind Ania Paz´ apparent shyness, there is a musician ´s volcano inside, one that makes her seat at the instrument, as if this was the most important moment of her life, and as her own existence would depend on this. In her, a passionate musician, beautiful chords blend and take her through an innovative path, essential to her career and her creativity…”

Limay González, El Caribe newspaper, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

“Ania Paz, she still has an accent from Lima, yet she is a talent who with no doubt makes all of us Dominicans very proud. This young composer has a beauty that goes beyond the physical aspect, and that she transfers to her smile and hands.”

Deidamia Galán, Oh Magazine, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

“Jazz is more than a musical reference to her, it is rather the style that puts her in touch with her inner-self, with her soul. From this depth, Ania Paz, pianist and composer, has built a universe of compositions which deliver all of her emotions.”

Correo Newspaper, Lima, Perú

“Apart from the pianist´s virtuosity, both Albums (Festejo Dominicano and Ania Paz Jazz Ensamble) reveal an artist who has built a unique world in the Latin Jazz area, with a very personal, intense and passionate language.”

Ángel Páez, La República Newspaper, Lima, Perú

“A very talented composer and pianist.”

Laney Goodman, Women in Music Radio show, Boston, USA